Meilleur Massage à Montréal

Recipient of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Travel Counselor Certificate Excellence Award 

Rendez Vous

Swedish / Californian (First massage recommended)

RMT 60 mins - $140 | * 90 minutes - $190

RMT 60 minutes - $280 | * 90 minutes - $380 (couple massage)

This massage combines Swedish and Californian Techniques for total relaxation of mind and body. Our massage therapists will assess your needs in order to work on specific areas of your body so that you can enjoy an exhilarating experience and feel like a new person.

Deep tissue massage (Stress Releif Massage)

RMT 60 mins - $150 | * 90 minutes - $199 (special)

RMT 60 mins - $310 | * 90 minutes - $399 (couples massage)

This type of massage uses classic massage therapy movements but with slower, firmer movements. The pressure is deeper and focuses on “trigger points” to realign the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is particularly recommended when you have chronically tight muscles and contracted areas that generate pain. It's good for people who work in an office, helping you relive the knots in your back.

Hot Stone Massage with Pressure   (Reduce stress, promote deep relaxation)

RMT 60 Minute – $170 |   * 90 minutes - $240 (Special) 

RMT 60 Minute   – $340 | * 90 minute - $480 (Couples Massage)

This ancient technique combines classic massage therapy with hot stones. The therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. Thanks to the heat of the stones, your muscles will warm up quicker so that the therapist can work with deeper strokes which will result in tension relief and a very relaxing experience. The Stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. 

Foot + body massage (40 minutes for feet + 60 minutes for body)

40 minutes of foot reflexology, calf, leg and knee massage

60-minute full massage Essential oil massage + Aromatherapy + Hot towel treatment

100 minutes –  *$220 (Special for Limited Time)   

100 minutes – *$440 (Couples Massage)

Head + body massage (40 minutes for the head + 60 minutes for the body)

40 minutes of head and scalp massage with reflexology and aromatherapy

60 minute full body massage essential oil massage + aromatherapy + hot towel treatment 

100 minute – *$220 (Special for a limited time)

100 minute – *$420 (Couples massage)

Back massage

30 minutes: $80

This massage was designed to relieve tension in the back, shoulders and neck using relaxation techniques combining movements from Swedish and Californian massage therapy. If your job requires long hours in front of the computer or involves repetitive head or back movements, this massage is ideal for you.

Lymphatic drainage massage

60 minutes - $170 | * 90 minutes - $220 (special)

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique intended to stimulate lymph circulation and detoxify the body, while strengthening the immune system. Manual lymphatic drainage is carried out with the fingers and palms of the hands over the entire body, following the direction of lymphatic circulation and varying the pressure. (source:

Prenatal massage

60 minutes - $150 | * 90 minutes - $199 (special)

This type of massage aims for the same objectives as the relaxation massage, but adapting them to the needs of the mother-to-be. Certified massage therapists use specific maneuvers to relieve accumulated tension, particularly in the legs and back, which also promotes blood circulation. Can be practiced from the 12th week until the end of pregnancy.

It is very important to mention that you are pregnant when making your appointment.

Physical benefits

  • Helps relieve muscle pain and tension
  • Improves circulation
  • Facilitates sinus decongestion
  • Encourages cell regeneration
  • Accelerates the healing of skin diseases

Emotional benefits

  • Stimulates overall state of well-being
  • Soothes and calms the mind
  • Helps reduce nervous stress
  • Contributes to happiness and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression