Soins du corps

Soins du corps

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Avie Body Wrap

A beautician performs a personalized body wrap that releases toxins and helps relieve stress, fatigue and tension.

Algae: slimming / firming
Chocolate: moisturizing
Nelly De Vuyst oil: relaxing
Green clay and clay from Provence: anti-inflammatory / decongestant

Avie pressotherapy
Duration 30 minutes

Price: $40

By accelerating lymphatic circulation, pressotherapy increases waste elimination functions and fights against the accumulation of toxins through drainage. In addition, thanks to the revitalization and oxygenation of tissues, pressotherapy helps refine and redefine the legs. It also relieves heavy legs by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

Avie back treatment                   
Duration 45 minutes

Price: $80

This back treatment is one of the favorites of our male clientele. Detoxifying and soothing, it includes a peel and massage (with a blend of essential oils targeting your skin's needs). Results: healthy and rejuvenated skin.