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2021, 2022 and 2023

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One of the many reasons customers choose us  

1. Experienced beauticians with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

2. Instant results and the best 15 minute shoulder massage you will get in a facial in your lifetime.

3. Each facial is tailored to each client

4. Clean and hygienic protocols for all supplies used  

5. Effective skin analysis to meet your skin care needs.

Bonus : We use the best products in the industry and products are used by our estheticans daily 

Avie Signature Advanced Facial

To treat the specific needs of your skin. In addition to the steps offered in the Basic Facial, the Advanced Facial offers targeted treatment depending on the condition of your skin. It includes extraction, serums ,oil and a bonus shoulder massage. Get a makeover!

60 minutes - $130

Basic Express Facial         

For a radiant complexion! The basic facial treatment includes skin cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask and end-of-care cream tailored to your skin type. Ideal for busy people!

45 minutes - $90

Facial Treatment for Teenagers (student special)

Dedicated to adolescents, this personalized treatment deeply cleanses the skin and gives a radiant complexion.             

45 minutes - $90  

Eye Contour Treatment

(can be added to any facial treatment)

30 minutes - $22

Are your eyes showing signs of fatigue, bags and dark circles? Restore freshness and youthfulness to your eyes with this extraordinary treatment. Composed of extracts of esculin, ginkgo biloba and black elderflower, this treatment stimulates blood circulation to improve oxygenation and nutrition of tissues and reduce the diameter of dilated blood capillaries. For a radiant, firm and toned effect!

Additional mask with lifting effect

(can be added to any facial treatment)

15 minutes - $35

Avie Regenerating Facial Treatment

This personalized regenerating treatment includes microdermabrasion; it reduces fine lines and scars, brightens the complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation.

90 minutes - $169

Avie Face Lift     

This hydrating and firming treatment gives you a radiant complexion, softens your skin and provides a smoothing effect. The treatment includes deep exfoliation, microcurrent and LEDs.

90 minutes - $169

NEW CBD Facial

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from HEMP, a strain of the Cannibis Sativa family. It has no psychoactive effect on the body. CBD is an incredible healing antioxidant (more powerful than vitamins C and E). CBD is known to influence the sebaceous glands, which creates a wonderful balance for oily or acne-prone skin. CBD also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

90 minutes - $169 

Skin Assessment Manual

30 minutes - $50

* Free with your first AVIE SIGNATURE ADVANCED FACIAL. Please mention this when making your appointment.

Extras $

Lip Treatment $14  : This treatment uses a hydrating collagen-based mask. Your lips will be hydrated and plumped.

Collagen Lifting Mask $40  : This mask adds 20 minutes to your treatment. This is a clay mask infused with hylauronic acid and collagen. It leaves the skin luminous and firm.

Oxygenating mask $19  : This mask allows the skin to absorb all the ingredients that were deposited on the skin during the facial treatment.

Microdermabrasion $40  : this treatment lasts 30 minutes longer. This is a deep resurfacing of the skin. It improves circulation, promotes product penetration, reduces pore size and improves overall skin texture.

Salicylic acid peel $18  : this treatment can be performed on all skin types,